wazzup homies this is Juhi's new online home =) (◕‿◕✿)

Aquarius sun moon pisces rising
I am from the east bay
I am 22 years old
I like to draw and paint and listen to music
my favorite pop star is Miley Cyrus
I am gluten free


on a conference call kinda hungover on a friday morning in LA browsing erowid...honestly a vibe
yesterday we went to ep/lp and I had no real expectations for my night which made it so much easier to have a good time. we played the game where you have to call chris 'chef chris' and Zach was 'Zachary goon' and if you fuck up you have to drink...
people in LA dont dress that well ive decided
yesterday i saw that GRiZ's new album cover is by @dangwayneolsen who is literally one of my most favorite artists. how crazy is that? the world is so small and full of synchronicity
think we might go to Llano Del Rio ruins this weekend
Ephemeral Art in the Perpetually Transforming City of Los Angeles
Llano Del Rio collective
want to see this exhibit soon
Kenny scharf exhibit at Jeffrey Deitch


the last few days have been crayzy! (not really in the way that I've been doing anything particularly exciting, but there has been a lot of motion)
on sunday zach flew in and we got breakfast in mar vista while waiting for chris to get in. then we got some Korean beers from hmart and cleaned out Eric's apartment while watching music videos. we rented a modular rack from fem synth lab which I've been following on ig for some time and think is so cool! gonna pick it up on saturday
fem synth lab
we went to our random Airbnb in silver lake which seemed to be in a really nice neighborhood. we crashed in a tiny one room guesthouse but worked from home in the big garden. at night we smoked a lot of weed and ate Thai food, listened to bass, hotboxed the car. one night we went on a walk then ended up at the red lion tavern where we had potato pancakes and bratwurst and hefeweizen. chris and I are trying to live through #NoSimpSeptember...it's hard out here!


yesterday we talked about:
- time is fake?
- nature/culture divide?
- chris' haircut
- bad la parks


wifi passwords are future people trying to communicate with us in code
the other day I did shrooms with some new girls that I met and we painted... they said my painting reminded them of takashi murakami (haha)


OF COURSE haim is obsessed with LA rock history...everything comes full circle once again... that makes so much sense. as I continue my haim binge / haim proselytizing spree and recommend women in music to anyone dealing with any problem whatsoever, im enjoying reading up on them...Catherine said they're so relatable because they're not particularly hot or beautiful -- in some pics they're cute, in others they're not... just like us! they would be so much more unlikable if they were really hot... but they have an underdog quality to them that resonates through their music too which makes them just so easy and comforting to listen to. Catherine says, you feel ugly, and you listen to them, and you still feel ugly, but its a little more manageable. exactly! I'm not convinced we'd be friends IRL, but if their music was people, we'd be friends, I think.
article on HAIM in the Guardian I was reading

Antonio is in San Francisco 'optimizing for love' – I love that. what am I optimizing for?


started watching laurel canyon today, and realized that when Ori and Catherine and I drove up to see Dakota Johnson's house the other day that was in laurel canyon. we watched her house tour on architectural digest when we were in san Francisco, so we went on an adventure to go see it in person. now im watching the docuseries! so it goes.
California/ny in the 60s must have been such a vibe...Laurel canyon seems so dope if very patriarchal and white. I always have this strange feeling that I wish I was there (there being in the 60s in sf, la, nyc), but also maybe I would have been excluded if I was there, on the basis of my ethnicity/gender/etc. it's a strange thing to want this history that maybe isn't even mine to want. but what I would give to be dropping 2 tabs of acid with Joni Mitchell or at a backyard party with Crosby stills and Nash! I always feel like we missed the mark -- the 60s felt like such a time of liberation, joy, and awakening, and now just feels like malaise, despair, and chaos. there's something sort of poetic about the world burning in front of us, I guess - but it's not inspiring, or beautiful, or free. more coke than acid, more k than weed... now just feels emo and nihilistic in a way that seems totally counter to a laurel canyon where everyone keeps their doors open and plays music into the night. now we just try really hard to be laptop kids and hate as many people as possible. where is the free love? definitely not in the Haight, or laurel canyon, or Manhattan...
helplessly hoping reminds me of driving through west Marin when I was 16 and so deeply in love with someone in a completely new and unfamiliar way. parts of my life felt like poetry and it was the first time I saw so much beauty in life that made me think 'here's something worth sticking around for.' it couldn't have hurt that that's when and where I started doing psychedelics... what a colorful time!
I remember just some months ago I absolutely hated Los Angeles... I did so for actually maybe all of my life until earlier this year. I always compared it to San Francisco, or New York, and found it so lacking and unpleasant -- downtown felt sparse and empty, neighborhoods were completely unwalkable, there was so much traffic, and the architecture was kind of ugly and weird. but I began to understand and enjoy los angeles when I realized I had to stop comparing it to super urbanized, dense cities like sf or nyc, and instead see it as a city-version of a suburb like Fremont (where im from) where you just have 8 million strip malls and the bit is that you drive around and smoke weed with your friends. it's as if it were a fremont but bigger, with cooler/more interesting people, and more beautiful things to see/more things to do. somewhat similar to chicago, except in chicago I feel we did fine without a car. but yeah, now that my perspective on it has changed, I feel better about LA -- in fact, I love it!
listening to a lot of FUBT by HAIM on repeat today. Taylor swift has a song for literally every possible type of feeling you could have toward a guy and I think I never gave her credit for that (but ofc I think she's fantastic.) but I particularly felt respect towards her while driving down to LA with Catherine (who is deciding on a new nickname - Cath or Cat?) and I just felt so much like tswift is like our collective big sister who has been through it all and can tell us what it's like. that kind of wisdom is so nice when you are young and stupid and still trying to figure out how to behave/feel in complex situations. thank you Taylor! also fearless is literally such a good album -- every song is a banger. compare to folklore which I have already expressed I dont like...


lonely today
z and I worked on some writing ln which was nice though
embracing la ketamine volcel energy

listening to old g jones and its totally a vibe – so beautiful and melodic and crazy to see that kind of poeticism span so many years of his career...like it totally tracks the whole way through transmissions to ineffable truth. how cool is it that ppl can express themselves in such a unique way and even as they get older/become different that essence stays the same?

lol im accidentally so high listening to the wormhole stream and set by floret loret was fucking absolute fire... and VJ was digital windowpane... my jaw literally dropped like 5 times... kings

090820 pt. 2

feel like there is this really precise category of things that are definitively good and important culturally, but it would be cringe to use them to virtue signal hipness bc of just how well-recognized they are for being good. like: basquiat, vampire weekend, the velvet underground... like liking those things shouldn't be a point of commonality between people, or something to be surprised by, while simultaneously liking those things is totally common and justified. I knew someone who was just so psyched that I had tvu & Nico on vinyl and I was like, I literally bought this when I was 16... and yes its totally unequivocally a fantastic record, but also it would be so cringe to have like a banana tote or something. this is maybe rude and culturally elitist, but whatever... if your project is to be cool and underground, do the work....

also thinking about the tweet that says normalize being hot and sexy and never having sex <3


people need to get their shit together on Spotify public... 🙄
my best friend is literally listening to hozier...
vibing to eprom's 2019 ep/single artworks...which I think he made? sick
and just discovered he made a Bay Area ep ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
The Bay Area EP by Eprom
EPROM, or erasable programmable read-only memory
:-( watched metropolitan yesterday and couldn't believe tom felt he could legitimately have an opinion on Jane Austen without reading any of her books....feel like uchicago be like...
yesterday night I ate some cornbread from huckleberry cafe while I was high and decided cornbread is the best high snack for its combination of sweet and salty – otherwise I want one sweet snack and one salty so I can alternate
I had a dream last night where my dad drank himself to death but my mom didn't tell my grandma yet and I had to comfort my mom by explaining that he was already dead, and so even if he died again, it was okay...

listening to a lot of truth and shades on this cloudy day in LA... just found out Alix Perez is hot, also... who was gunna tell me.. 🥴
reading this article on dubstep from 2012
Beyond lies the wub: a history of dubstep
how sick would it have been to be a 20yo on the internet in like 2003? everything is lame now. remembering when Bangarang came out when I was like 13 and I bought the CD from hot topic and it was the first electronic music I ever listened to. then I got a poster of Skrillex from my monthly subscription to AP mag and put it on my wall in my bedroom (it's still there lol). now im laughing that I didn't even realize Sirah was on Bangarang and thought the first I heard of her was when I heard Daddy on HOWSLA in college. who knew!
I was explaining to a friend the other day about how there are Steve aoki raves and there are harem pants raves. reading this article now im like that's not even fair... not a one dimensional line, its more like a huge 4d space... or was and no longer is? and what do I know anyway? I was barely alive in the 90s..
anyways, im gonna become one of those people who starts being like 'yeah but that isn't REAL dubstep'

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) this disclosure set is just hella nice. thanks to Jeffrey I know every song. imagine this being your life?! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

can we talk about how fb looks like this now and literally no one is gonna use it ever again? (I got the update late)
also I did not ask for this


listening to
aphex twin warehouse project from last year
and laughing ab the part on his wiki where it says he just lies all the time
also listening to so much
who I never really took seriously but have gotten really into lately as driving around la in your early twenties music... uniquely vibing to 3am and up from a dream (new faves) but of course also summer girl and the steps.. 'you don't underSTAND me..' also thinking about this tweet..
friend.. and I gotta read:
grace's arch professors are.na

*Kai whiston new stuff is killer
*liking basquiat is not a personality trait
*bike shorts are 100% out