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a post-it flutters by in the wind. I write at the foot of the Rundle mountain range in Alberta, technically in Canmore, on the outskirts of Banff National Park. I sit in a plastic red chair, one among many, arranged in a circle, emulate the wooden red Adirondacks that some social media specialist told Parks Canada to put at all the most scenic viewpoints. I sip an Original Iced Capp™ that I mistakenly ordered as an 'iced cappucino' at Tim Hortons, aside four Timbits™ that are too sweet to eat. it's Tim Horton's 60th anniversary, and I wonder how to get an invite to his party.
the weather is strange up here in the mountains. one second it's too hot for a sweatshirt, the other its raining bullets. in the middle we get some eerily fast-paced clouds and some fickle wind. I alternate between my plum t-shirt and Tevas and running to hide in the car.
it's tough to be in a bad mood when you're somewhere as beautiful as this, but somehow we still have to try. it never feels like things between Jason and I could get any worse, and somehow we keep proving that wrong, taking it further. unclear right now whether we will continue eastward, but if all fails, I'll move right here to Canmore, take up mountain biking to fend off all the calories I'm consuming in poutine.
I've been examining my sexuality lately - and that's all I'll say about it. I need a trusted friend to confide in. it's tough to make time to keep in touch with friends while traveling - especially when all my free time is taken up arguing with Jason. technically I should be on the clock right now, but I'm making an exception for the worm.
a gust of wind shakes up a maelstrom of dust and debris from the nearby luxury complex, still under construction.

I went backpacking for the first time at lake minnewanka, where there is a sunken ghost village that scuba divers can explore. it was so nice to be 'off the grid' in a serious way, and not be medically addicted to instagram. yesterday, I read more pages of The Idiot than I had read in the past ten sittings combined. something about it just hit, in a way that Sonya's pathetic character had not induced before. (perhaps we were all a little pathetic as college freshmen...) I audibly laughed out loud multiple times, parallel only in recent memory to when I watched Sleepless in Seattle on the plane back from Kauai.

more soon,