explores concepts of place-identity, nostalgic Americana, and traditional gender stereotypes playfully pushes controversial issues, creating an accessible entry point for unpacking matters of tension in today’s political and social landscape interdisciplinary artist whose work explores and expands the traditional boundaries of storytelling, often in site-specific contexts they utilize performance, sculpture, action, gesture, and performance as through-lines for inquiries regarding Black labor, legacy and processes of healing themes of erasure and the Black body drawings, installations, and mixed media works create an intersection where body and place, memory and fact are merged to reexamine human interactions and cultural conditions fragility and interconnectedness in physical structures through hand-cut paper San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist that produces paintings, installations, videos, and happenings that celebrate process, while reflecting on art history, counter culture, the canons of feminism and abstraction the ethos of this specific venue overgrown with organic “wild rhizome” thus manifests itself in these event-driven cross-disciplinary experiments showcase and celebrate emerging and established Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) artists whose work reckons with the themes of imagination, identity, place, and joy