** indicates that I am involved with this in some way

Board of Supervisors

Supervisor, District 1: Connie Chan

Local SF Props

YES on Prop A — this is just a ~$500mil bond that will allocate property tax money to different things like supportive housing, homelessness/substance abuse facilities, parks, infrastructure, etc.

YES on Prop B — so earlier this year, the feds busted SF Dept of Public Works for long-standing corruption. this prop will just re-make this Dept so its not sus as fuck anymore (splitting DPW into 2 depts, creating public oversight commissions, requiring qualifications for the positions in the depts...lol)

Yes on Prop C — this will make it so that non-citizens can serve on SF public commissions! SF would be the first city to do so.

**YES on Prop D — will establish civilian oversight board to hold the super sus Sheriff's Dept accountable (in response to BLM protests, is just a reform measure)

YES on Prop E — will remove random rule that SF needs 1971 police officers (stupid but important), and will make the Chief of Police submit (a toothless) report on necessary staffing every 2 years.

YES on Prop F — cuts taxes on small businesses in unprofitable industries (retail, arts, recreation) and taxes profitable industries (tech, finance, insurance, real estate) more.

YES on Prop G — will allow youth (16 and 17 year olds) to vote in local elections

Unclear on Prop H — amends the planning code to supposedly help *new* businesses but it just does a lot of things and im not sure about it yet...supported by London Breed

YES on Prop I — increases taxes on sales of property >$10mil (office buildings). authored by Dean Preston, who we like.

**YES on Prop J — we already passed a more ambitious version of this tax in 2018 but due to legal loopholes it's been stuck. this one is the same but with minor changes and will fund schools and teachers. no reason to vote no

YES on Prop K — also from Dean Preston, it will allow SF to build 10,000 new units of affordable housing!

YES on Prop L — taxes companies where CEO makes 100x their average SF employee, proportionally.

Unclear/YES on Prop RR — sales tax (regressive) to keep Caltrain alive. not sure about this one yet...

State Legislature

Start Senate, District 11: Jackie Fielder

State Props

Unclear on Prop 14 — do we borrow more money to keep funding stem cell research? honestly I have no idea...

**YES on Prop 15 — closes corporate property tax loopholes to fund schools and communities first. makes it so that owners of commercial real estate valued >$3mil will pay their fair share in property taxes, which they haven't been paying for decades..

**YES on Prop 16 — will reinstate affirmative action in CA (we are one of only 9 states in the country that doesn't, as of 1996's terrible ban on it) and create equal opportunity for all ppl by allowing race/gender to be considered in public education, public employment, and public contracting. does not create quotas, it will only help women/POC get ahead!

YES on Prop 17 — will allow 50,000 people on parole (returning home) to vote.

YES on Prop 18 — allows 17 year olds to vote in primaries

YES on Prop 19 — this prop does many things. it basically closes the loophole that allows landlords, investment property owners etc. to pay very small property taxes on inherited properties (based on an antiquated property assessment value), but allows them to pay small property taxes if they are using it as their primary residence, meaning no one gets kicked out of their now-expensive home in SF that they grew up in bc of inability to pay property taxes. it also makes it easier for old people and ppl with disabilities to move houses and keep lower property tax rates. revenue will go to firefighters and forestry service.
this was useful to explain Prop 19 to me

**NO on Prop 20 — the police/prison guard union is funding this measure to keep more ppl in jail by restricting parole release, put more nonviolent offenders in prison, etc.

YES on Prop 21 — allows CA counties and cities to expand rent control to any rental housing >15 years old and owned by a multi-property-owning landlord (doesn't institute rent control, just allows local govt to do it if they want)

NO on Prop 22 — Uber and other service economy apps/companies are trying to overturn AB5, which passed last fall, which demands that gig workers be classified as employees and not just independent contractors. corporations are trying to classify drivers, delivery people, etc. as independent contractors so they dont have to give them benefits and comply with state labor laws, like minimum wage.

Unclear/YES on Prop 23 — I am confused about this one, bc SEIU 1021 says Yes to require a physician on-staff at dialysis clinics, but also if we vote Yes will a lot of clinics close? basically the union is trying to pick a fight with the big dialysis companies (I'm all for that) but its unclear what will actually happen as a result of this policy...I do trust the union of workers who are actually staffing these clinics tho to know whats up.
here's an interview I found useful with a SEIU member

Unclear/NO on Prop 24 — TBH I dont understand a lot about data privacy. but ACLU Norcal says no ("reject a fake privacy law that benefits big companies and harms the privacy of vulnerable communities.").
EFF calls it a 'a mixed bag of partial steps backwards and forwards'

**NO on Prop 25 — it will replace cash bail (bad) with something worse (using a biased algorithm to determine who is 'dangerous') as well as increase funding for law enforcement and increase judges' discretionary power.