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Sonoran food

what is?
ingredients and stops
marana, az

Mayan, Aztec cacao ceremony


juke joint


tatreez (Palestinian embroidery)


Renaissance Fair

Phyllis Patterson and the Ren Fair as an antidote to McCarthyism
The Surprisingly Radical Roots of the Renaissance Fair via Smithsonian Mag
some fun inspiration for events in this program
and here

Chinese shrimping villages

Learning about the Chinese shrimping villages in the Bay Area and how they were literally blown up by the Navy and the Health Department.


Tibetan dance and opera.
This makes me think of Zach and we should go see them next time they perform. Ella would probably enjoy too.
In Tibetan, Chaksam-pa means Bridge-Builder, and is one of the many names attributed to a famous Tibetan saint known as Thangtong Gyalpo, who lived in the 14th century in Tibet. He is considered to be a patron saint of Tibetan medicine as well as the founding father of Ache Lhamo, Tibetan opera.


How does the border between the United States and Mexico affect Kumeyaay culture?
"It’s very similar to what the Basques talk about. They’re caught between France and Spain. The Basques on the French side speak French and Basque, and on the Spanish side, same thing. We have the same issues. The Kumeyaays in Baja speak Spanish and some of them speak Kumeyaay. The ones in the U.S. speak English and some speak Kumeyaay."
– Stan Rodriguez, Kumeyaay elder

Boyle Heights

Boyle heights is a cool neighborhood. the Japanese returned to little Tokyo and Boyle heights after internment during WWII. the last Japanese restaurant in the once-vibrantly Japanese neighborhood is Otomisan, which opened in 1956. if my google maps were working, I would save it there. there is an episode about this in city of ghosts, an animated television show for children about the history of LA. I wish they did a show like this about SF! maybe Ella and I should watch when she comes to visit.
a timeline of Boyle heights from the Japanese American national museum
a nice article from PBS on Japanese community and buddhism in Boyle heights

"A 'melting pot' area and is literally honeycombed with diverse and subversive racial elements. It is seriously doubted whether is a single block in the area which does not contain detrimental racial elements, and there are very few districts are not hopelessly heterogeneous in type of improvement and quality of maintenance."
- notes on Boyle Heights from a 1940 Home Owners Loan Corporation map

Canter's deli used to be in Boyle Heights, in 1931. LA is so diverse with such an interesting cultural history. I should move there for a bit...

"A Brief History Of Boyle Heights, In 6 Landmarks"
"When the Jewish Bakers of Boyle Heights Were Radical Socialists Instead of Trump Supporters"

Son Jarocho

listen here
Son jarocho ("Veracruz Sound") is a regional folk musical style from Veracruz, Mexico. The most famous son jarocho is "La Bamba."


Thinking that drumming would be a good way to get familiar with different time signatures.