things I will make

cheesy cauliflower casserole
Egg salad
root vegetable gratin
Brandon Jew’s Brown Rice and Steel Cut Oat Congee
clam chowder
crab dip
potato skins
zuppa Toscana
Homemade granola
Farro -
Kimchi fried rice/greens/radish
Oyster mushroom creamy risotto
Quinoa kale pesto/radish
Soba with veggie
Strawberry jam
Coconut rice
Panko tofu with kewpie mayo
Japanese potato salad -
Chirashi bowl
Cauliflower karaage

Gus's spinach dip

spinach, sour cream, red onion, mayo, salt, white pepper

Food for ori/lukas (gf, vegetarian, low cholesterol)

Zuppa toscana
Scrap soup
Potato skins (some cheese on top)
White bean soup
Cucumber salad
Kale chickpea salad
Quinoa chickpea bowls
Potato stacks
Green beans
Thai curry/coconut rice

chard harissa grain bowl (v)

cook Farro and wild rice like pasta in heavily salted water till done (dry toast before, or after if you forget)
in separate pan cook onion, garlic, chard, tomatoes
mix everything together with harissa
top with radish and toasted pine nuts

fun things to put in the paella

squid ink
lemon (always)

avgolemono soup

arborio rice
lemon zest
Yerba buena

hot muesli

alexandre family farms ginger turmeric milk, honey, bobs red mill, goji

Lukas potato salad

8-9 potatoes
1-2 onions, diced
6-7 eggs, boiled and cubed
6-7 pickles, cubed
Ham, diced
1 jar of mayo
Pickle juice
Salt and pepper

Peel potatoes (Not mushy... red potatoes), boil for 40 min, let cool, dice
Boil eggs, let cool, dice
(make the potatoes in the morning and the eggs and let them cool all day)
In a bowl, mix potatoes, combine onion, bologna, pickles
Then put in mayo, mustard, and pickle juice
Mix it and add salt and pepper to taste
Make it a day before and fridge