a party where everyone does drugs and lays on the ground and listens to music (grateful dead) and someone is VJing on the ceiling

a dinner party but you have to complete absurd challenges to get/find each course

board game night

ocean beach rave*

backyard bbq*

great american challenge

a ball

this aint no party...this ain't no disco

BEP party

night at sir Francis Drake / belly of moloch*

color party ideas (purple set)


bright young things: treasure hunts, theatrical fancy dress parties, stunt party, red and white party,

ppt party / drunk history

fake wedding party

fake prom

plum drone acid test

trippy garden tea party

boiler room in darren's garage

DJ at ours

cereal party


yard rave @ darren's

summer solstice party

woodland party

backyard darty @ darren's

boiler room