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juhi 188 days ago
is this public? hello world!
juhi 184 days ago
I am in koreatown
juhi 184 days ago
my new favorite band is HAIM -- the only girls who walk in LA
juhi 184 days ago
I like how no one can like my status update: its just me typing into the void
juhi 181 days ago
hey anyone home
juhi 181 days ago
I wanna fight
juhi 181 days ago
zach and I are talking about computer rooms and how they are funny... something something devices affecting design of homes/rooms/family interaction... zach says mine was like Internet cafe
juhi 181 days ago
thinking about haim but also about how white people are over :/
juhi 181 days ago
how to reconcile?
juhi 181 days ago
Liked an attachment
juhi 181 days ago
thinking I need a tldr for any article longer than 150 words :S or adder all
juhi 180 days ago
yall know about this? https://relevant.community/relevant/top have been using for a little while and think I like
juhi 180 days ago
whats their overall pitch? j feel like the curation is good
juhi 180 days ago
zach u really schooled me, much love
juhi 180 days ago
juhi 179 days ago
2013 feels so long ago
juhi 177 days ago
zach it was so nice to see your pics from WV! your hair is so long lol. what shoes are you wearing in the pic shaking the tent? did you get crocs? looks like such a fun time <3 I love this blog format
juhi 166 days ago
is that a joke
juhi 159 days ago
Can we make it under the sea but also marijuana
juhi 150 days ago
cool article from cheapskateguide zach, thanks for sharing. this is super cursory but reminds me of masters tools by audre Lorde, which everyone likes to apply to everything... but I somehow find it really easy to not interrogate computers in the same way.
juhi 144 days ago
omg zach I LOLed at that on my zoom call haha. btw can you add a line after this? >machine learning is an inherently authoritarian ideology... to explain further? thanks!
juhi 123 days ago
juhi 121 days ago
welcome Martin!
juhi 118 days ago
juhi 115 days ago
♫( -_・) ︻デ═一  ▸
juhi 110 days ago
lol I learned that it rained today from zach's log
juhi 107 days ago
Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants, an Oakland-based mushroom and cannabis church
juhi 97 days ago
guys we should make a calendar
juhi 97 days ago
juhi 94 days ago
there's something to the references/endlessly or chaotically referential...indicative of the amount of info we process today? seems unique to our time... something something what would the beats look like today
juhi 94 days ago
zach- never heard of Joseph stella! but im digging tree of life, apotheosis of a rose, and Dance of Spring (Song of the Birds). what do you like about him?
juhi 86 days ago
this shit actually makes me wanna vomit https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/joe-bidens-election-branding-was-both-traditional-and-trippy-and-it-looks-like-the-future-of-politics/
juhi 59 days ago
i wonder how chris does it
juhi 46 days ago
i respond to my name and my name only. but i'd never heard of phil, i skimmed the vulture profile - weird guy. i'll check out the album
juhi 45 days ago
Putting here so i dont forget, i want to make a drawstring linen laundry bag
juhi 45 days ago
And mesh produce bags
juhi 44 days ago
juhi 26 days ago
happy birthday chris!
juhi 19 days ago
i almost cried watching this https://youtu.be/jNKnrftQR1U
juhi 17 days ago
the chipkos are dope z, speaking of massacres i read this yesterday and cried https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/myanmar-rakhine-events/
juhi 17 days ago
next time we're in Elko we have to have Basque food, and a Picon punch
juhi 16 days ago
Sig chis are just patrician alpha delts - chris
juhi 13 days ago
that reminds me of the video of you guys drunk dancing in the mall in ktown @chris
juhi 11 days ago
im all about basement jaxx
juhi 9 days ago
https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2011/10/animals-getting-high-10-common-drunks/2021-03-04T07:19:09.550Z tag urself im Black Sex Link also z j wanted u to know i read your garden log daily
juhi 3 days ago
Peep show is so fucking funny